Sunday Lunch - Table Talk

Today was World Communion day which means that Christians all over the world celebrate the Lord's Supper. The Reverend Milton Fraser delivered an exceptionally touching Sermon today that resonated a lot to my own household, much like most individuals elsewhere.

The title of the Sermon today was conveniently, "Table Talk". As he brilliantly put it, a table, whether in the dining room or as in most households, mine included, in the kitchen, is a place where a lot more than nourishment occurs. A table is a place where celebrations, for example birthday parties, take place, you can have family related events planned, home work completed, advice given to children, if someone dies, the family will normally gather around that same table and remember that person.

In short, a table plays a much bigger role than what we can normally think of. When Jesus taught us to break Bread and drink from the Cup in his remembrance, it was at the table that he sat around with His Disciples. In Luke 14: 1 - 14, Jesus teaches us that we should invite the disadvantaged to sit with us at the table for a meal. What he means here is that we should not only invite those whom we expect to invite us back. At Jesus' table, we are all equal. No one person is more important than the other.

It was wonderful as usual, to have the young children join us for the Lord's Supper.

Paul M.